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“Our Greatest Responsibility Is Creating Quality Content”

Producers Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra talk to Titas Chowdhury about the third season of their web series Girl In The City, the perks of working in the digital space and more

Titas Chowdhury (TC): What made you back the script of Girl In The City?

Anand Tiwari (AT): We wanted to portrayed stories that we see around us. So many writers, directors and actors come from different parts of India to Mumbai to make it big. Their stories are similar to what we have shown. What happens in their lives and in their relationships form the crux of the story.

TC: Did you expect such a response?

Amritpal Singh Bindra (ASB): No, to be honest. It is a very feel-good kind of show with a simple narrative revolving around a girl. It is a coming-of-age story. We were not sure if the audience would like it or not, because it was unlike other web shows.

AT: This is very different from the other content available on the Internet. Men are watching it as much as women are.

TC: What do you think has kept the series fresh and interesting?

AT: The life of Meera as an entrepreneur in a city like Mumbai is the highlight of the third season. In the last two seasons, you see her as an intern. In the new season, she faces new struggles and challenges. These things will resonate with people who watch the show.

TC: What are the advantages of producing shows for the digital space?

ASB: The content is wider as compared to that of films and television. It opens up a wider horizon for everybody. It is such a brilliant medium. Digital content is not star-driven. We just have to deliver quality content to our viewers.

AT: The digital space has a responsibility of becoming more and more relatable to the people it is talking to. Here, the response is very quick. As soon as we upload something, people can tell us what they liked or disliked.

TC: Do you feel that your show airing on YouTube may be eclipsed by the popularity of the content on Netflix and Amazon?

AT: Not really. YouTube is still the biggest platform. We have worked with Netflix and are currently collaborating with Amazon. We don’t worry about their content or marketing strategy. We just want to create quality content that we can be proud of for the rest of our lives.

ASB: Amazon and Netflix will take some time to penetrate the Indian audience. As opposed to that, ALTBalaji has penetrated the audience a year ago, with a certain kind of content and the local feel attached to their shows.

AT: These platforms are also putting their content on YouTube because of the huge access and reach of this digital platform.



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